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Three reasons for letting go of expensive watches and selling them (stop loss of 100,000 yen)

"This is a lifetime ...! I'll use it carefully!"

Phạm Xuân Tiếp

With this in mind, I gave up the watch of the brand "The Citizen" that I bought for about 200,000 yen.

Of course, I think this price is not high-class for some people, but at that time, it was a watch that I had a lot of trouble buying.

In this article, I'll explain why I gave up my expensive watch.

The expensive watch you let go and the three reasons you sold it

The watch I let go of is the Citizen "AQ1010-03A" watch I bought in 2016. The last photo I took is the following, but I think it's cool.

It has a simple design, is easy to use, has a 10-year warranty and regular inspections, and has excellent after-sales support. I wasn't dissatisfied with the function or appearance and cherished it until the end.

I gave up such an expensive watch for the following reasons.

  1. I haven't used it at all for over a year
  2. Relative satisfaction is reduced by wearing a high wristwatch
  3. Cheaper ones are easier to use

When I bought it, it was about 200,000 yen, and the price I sold was about 90,000 yen, so the total cost was about 100,000 yen.

I will explain in detail why I gave up after spending such a painful expense.

Reason 1: I haven't used it at all for over a year

The first reason is that I haven't used my watch for over a year.

It is related to the fact that the chances of going out to have decreased due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but in the first place, the habit of wearing a wristwatch when going out has almost disappeared.

  • Even around 2019, before the start of the Coronavirus terrible time, I only wore my watch on the ceremonial occasion.

As I wrote in the article " I'm glad I threw it away in 2020, " I try not to increase the number of things so much, and the rules for throwing away or selling items are roughly set as follows.

  • Those that have not been used for over a year
  • Items that failed in shopping (size mistakes, etc.)
  • What played a role

The expensive The Citizen watch also applies to "I haven't used it for over a year", and I even noticed that the battery was dead when I sold it.

I thought, "If the corona is settled, I might have more opportunities to go out ...?", But since I no longer have the habit of wearing a wristwatch when I go out, I decided that I wouldn't use it even after the corona.

Reason 2: Relative satisfaction is reduced by wearing a high wristwatch

The second reason is the relative loss of satisfaction with wearing a high watch.

As I wrote in the article, I do not recommend the Citizen watch to such people because it is not noticed. Unlike watches such as Rolex, it is almost unnoticed that the Citizen watch is attached, and it also becomes a status. not.

On the other hand, it is also true that by wearing a high-priced wristwatch, I was able to gain the confidence and satisfaction that "I am wearing a slightly better wristwatch".

  • Especially when I first bought a watch, I remember being happy to wear it every day when I went to work.

However, a few years after I changed jobs in 2016, I have gained confidence and satisfaction by working with excellent teammates and achieving good results at work.

By getting satisfaction from things other than what I wear, I think the pleasure of wearing a high-end wristwatch has diminished relatively.

In addition, there is a rule that when you buy a product, you are most likely to be satisfied initially, and the satisfaction gradually diminishes. It is called "marginal utility diminishing."

The website of Satoshi Kodama, an associate professor at Kyoto University, has an explanation of "marginal utility diminishing."

"Marginal utility" is the utility (satisfaction) obtained by the last unit, such as the previous 10,000 yen received in these examples and the last takoyaki eaten. Therefore, the gradual decrease in marginal utility means that the increase in satisfaction obtained when accepting or using an item becomes gradual as the amount increases.

Citation: MARGINAL

It's not just watching, but other items that are irresistible when you first buy them but become normal after a year.

The satisfaction of wearing a high-priced wristwatch has decreased, but I think it has given me confidence.

Reason 3: Cheaper ones are easier to use

The third reason is that the style of casually using cheap things is suitable.

I never used the expensive Citizen watch in the following scenes.

  • Outdoor events such as barbecue
  • overseas travel

This is because I don't want to get dirty or stolen.

On the contrary, the cheap Casio I bought around 2015 for about 1,000 yen played an active part in such a scene, and it is still active while replacing the battery.

To be honest, there is no difference between a 1,000-yen watch and a 200,000-yen watch in terms of the function of a watch that "looks at your wrist to know the time."

Strictly speaking, the accuracy is different, but even with a 1,000-yen watch, the time was off only when the battery ran out.

When I woke up to otaku fashion, I used to buy expensive clothes such as T-shirts for about 10,000 yen, but now I mainly use UNIQLO or cheap brands.

After all, it seems that it usually doesn't suit the style of using expensive wristwatches.

I have no plans to buy a watch anymore, but if I do, I'm sure I'll choose a cheaper watch or smartwatch.

in conclusion

Here's another reason why I gave up my expensive watch.

  1. I haven't used it at all for over a year
  2. Relative satisfaction is reduced by wearing a high wristwatch
  3. Cheaper ones are easier to use

It was a painful expense considering the difference between the price I bought and the price I sold, but it is also true that I could not understand these until I used a high-priced wristwatch once.

The Citizen itself was a good watch and a memorable one. I hope that even one of them will be helpful to you.

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