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The Best Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook

Dash Diet Cookbook: 600 Easy & Delicious Low- Sodium, Low Sugar, Heart- Healthy Recipes for Improve Your Health | Bonus 4 Weeks Meal Plan to Lower Your Blood Pressure & Lose Weight.
Would you like to discover new, healthier, and sustain a bleating habit that will help you manage hypertension while boosting your overall health without having to forget the foods you love?

About the Author of the Book: Lindsay Burton

As a young girl, Lindsay Burton helped her mother care for her aging grandmother. She found a lot of satisfaction in the pleasure her acts of care brought to her grandmother’s face. After a stroke, Dr. Burton’s grandmother struggled to speak.

She and Dr. Burton developed a unique language of signs and sounds that helped them communicate. Her grandmother’s passing when she was 13 had a significant impact on Dr. Burton.

Dr. Burton was a caring child. She was always rescuing injured animals and nursing them back to health. She would often visit the school nurse’s office, not because she was sick or injured, but because she loved finding out more about her job.

In her first year University, Dr. Burton’s mother became very ill. Dr. Burton abandoned her studies to go home and care for her. It was hard for her to give up her dream, but she knew she would regret it if she didn’t put her mother first.

Within nine months, Dr. Burton's mother had succumbed to terminal pancreatic cancer, and she was now alone in the world. She had no money to go back to college, especially since she had forfeited her bursary when she left to care for her mother.

Lindsay found work as a medical receptionist at her GP’s practice. However, her job was not enough to fulfill her. She enrolled at the local college and began studying medicine part-time. It was hard to balance her work and studies, but she was determined to succeed. Her will to succeed paid off and she graduated from college after eight years of study.

Her first job was at a nearby hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Burton decided that she wanted to specialize and become a disease and diet Doctor. The years that followed included a lot of studying and practical work.

However, Dr. Burton was a natural. Calm under pressure, she could handle just about anything that was thrown at her. Among her colleagues, she was greatly respected as being willing to share her vast knowledge of medical care.

Dr. Burton has her teachers and the school nurse to thank for helping her choose her career path. Also, her mother and grandmother are never far from her thoughts, and she rates them as her greatest inspiration.

Dr. Burton works with each person individually based on their goals, genetics and physiological make-up. Only after doing deep analysis on the client, does she pick the correct program to fit their needs.

Today her mission is to help as many people as possible through her systematized diet programs, which she shares through her books.

Print length
239 pages
Publication date
March 30, 2022

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Are you concerned about your health, especially the health of your heart?

If the answer is “YES”, then keep reading, because this is the book that you were looking for.

The DASH Diet is proving to be THE healthiest way to eat in todays modern world.

This book was designed to help you unlock the secrets of fast, heart-healthy meals that are simple to make

The objective of the DASH diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, is to significantly reduce high blood pressure and protect you from free radicals.

This cookbook provides you with more than 600 recipes to take you through the initial stage and beyond of the dash diet. These quick, easy and tasty dishes are based on a new way of cooking without compromising taste and quality.

The diet is not entirely vegetarian, as some may believe, but rather a well-balanced blend of essential nutrients.

This is an excellent and easy-to-follow diet for your health, especially if you have high blood pressure or hypertension.

By reading this book you’ll discover:

✅All The Essential Information On The DASH Diet That You Need To Know, from explaining you all the phases of he DASH Diet, up to how to practically start it almost effortlessly, passing by many tips that will make everything go smooth and fuss-free

✅What You Can And Cannot Eat During DASH Diet, so that you immediately know what to get and what to avoid when going out shopping for groceries, or when you decide to go eat out

✅Many DASH-Friendly Smoothies And Drinks Recipes, that you can use for both lowering your high blood pressure and lose weight, since smoothies help you offset other calories you would otherwise consume

✅Over 600 Incredibly Good And Easy Recipes, that you will be able to prepare daily, and in the comfort of your kitchen. All the recipes have been divided into Breakfast, Appetizers, Sides, Snacks, Vegetarian & Meatless, Poultry, Meat, Fish & Seafood, Soups, Sandwiches, Salads, Sauces, Dips, Dressings, and even Savory Treats.

✅A 28-Days Healthy DASH Diet Meal Plan, so you can have everything set and organized for 4 week’s worth of meals, to make sure to eat numerous different foods while staying healthy and forgetting about high blood pressure

✅… & Much More!

Summarizing, this cookbook is full of recipes inspired by the food you already love to eat and can be cooked in just 30 minutes for a healthier lifestyle. It has every thing you need tok now about the DASH diet and it will show you how you can live a healthier and longer life.

Some Great Review from a Customer who experience from the Book

J. Mielke

The dash diet has been recommended to us by my husband's cardiologist to help a heart condition. This book does a good job explaining what the dash diet is and how it works. The author also explains what benefits one can hope to see if you follow the dash diet. A great section to read is the section on how to ease into the dash diet. This is helpful as big drastic changes often do not last but easing into these new paths can make it easier. The author explains the different phases that ease you into the dash diet. Then we get into what to eat and not to eat. Here there are a couple visual charts. One chart is a pie graph with sections showing how much of each food group to consume. There is also a do and don't chart of which foods to eat and which to avoid. These visual guides are great to look at. Then we get into the recipes, and there are 600+ recipes, so that is a lot of stuff. There is also a 28 day meal plan.

Amanda Lynn

This is a great cookbook for anyone who wants to help lower their high blood pressure or needs to eat a lower sodium diet. There are six hundred low sodium and low sugar recipes. I have fixed a few of the recipes and so far we have liked what I have made. There is so much sodium in processed foods and this can help you drastically cut how much sodium you consume.


The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet is appropriate for our time and eating patterns in the United States. I love a book that focuses on general health and lowering blood pressure rather than just weight loss. This book is an excellent introduction to incorporating vegetables into delectable dishes. The recipes are original, straightforward, and most of the components are readily available. This is a book I higly recommend.

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