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Loading a lot of bananas from the river to home 4000 feet

I just recently discovered a riverbank just 4,000 feet from my house. Along the two banks of the river grow abundantly banana trees of Southeast Asia. This piqued my curiosity. For my original intention, I wanted to go near the riverside to look for some vegetables that could help me prepare my dinner perfectly and for as long as free.

It is not only the monkey who loves banana but also I love it too, in my place banana is almost free, because it is the most common tree around.

And along the way, I've discovered loads of bananas. They don't seem to be nearby or rarely eat bananas resulting in a lot of them, and bananas seem to have reached the harvest threshold, so I got home about four big bananas and brought them home a long distance, making me quite tired cause of it heavy.

It took almost half an hour to bring them home and rinse, dry, and wait while I showered, changed clothes, and rested a bit to regain my strength before separating them—bananas professionally and systematically for preservation.

After processing the bananas I brought back, I rested for about an hour and continued searching for vegetables along the river.

And quite interestingly, I brought back about 3 pounds of water spinach, and tonight I will probably enjoy a delicious meal after two days without food.

I am grateful that nature has favored me so much because growing enough food and fruit for me to use probably takes 1, 2 years.

Banana is now my favorite fruit, next to melon. They can be planted and bear fruit all year round.

Based on Walmart Banana fresh produce, bananas cost $0.23 per one.

I have 20 a bunch of bananas, each with 12 bananas, so I got 20x12, equal to 240 bananas.

You may know that I will be saving up to 240 bananas x $0.23 for each one, totally I have or saving up to $55.20

Let me explain by table thing so everyone can easily understand it.

Walmart Banana fresh produce
cost $0.23 per one

What do i have?
I have 20 a bunch of bananas
which is equal to
240 bananas.
That mean all my bananas
cost $55.20

And all of it is “free” here in my countryside and in my home garden. That means I don’t have to pay $55.20 just for bananas, as I can have them for free.
And for a good reason, I could tell you that I am already saving up $55.20.

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