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I cut my gas bill

Hey everyone, I'm from a small country. My name is Steve, and I'm the owner of the Ninja Tiny Kingdom. Today I will talk and write down what happens in my country's gas energy and cut it down will increase our money for living. I'm living in a small country in a time of developing countries. The energy price here is not too high, but the income is meager. I learn how the people in the world use electricity and the sun for cooking food. Generator electric, so I think its time to our turn to move, and remove the unnecessary and using to new power energy, electric and the sun.

Gas cost in our country is 500.000 VND (convert to the USD, it is around $25 for the 12kilogram gas).

And because I'm living alone, so for everyone, the 12-kilogram gas could be used for more than three months. That means in a year, I've to pay a total of 2.000.000 VND (2 million Vietnam dong converted to USD is around $100 a year) for gas. Since the income is pretty low, it will cost the income budget around 10% for just gas every year.

So, I decided to move on.
First, I use electricity only to cook, and then I try to order fast food here at KFC or any chicken meat in the store to lower the pay for food.

Yes, and it works. I am saving more than 15% of my money budget and 20% of my time wasted while I'm just living alone.

Of course, I'm not the type of guy trying to save the world. It's just I'm trying to keep my money. And that is a big reason for me to change.

For me, I think simple. If there have another solution to solve the problem, then I will focus on it to make a change immediately.

Suppose their gas price and the sun are free. I would rather the sun more.

And thank the very good people in the world that they already invested and made stuff so we can use the sun for free. So why do I have to keep paying for the old solution that will cost me a lot of money?

So if you call this article a promotion post, Yes, no double, I will agree with you with no complaint because it is the promotion article. Yes. The sun is free. Why not use it?

Below is my recommended product to use the sun or electric free to cook and do much more for a living. Let's give it a try.


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