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Free domain freenom is it worth vs. paid domain?

There is a charge for registering your domain, such as ".com", but you can get your domain free with a web service called Freenom.

This article explains how to register a domain with Freenom for the following people:

  • I want a unique domain that can be used for development and testing
  • I am thinking of buying my domain and want to know the usability

Some risks and precautions are free of charge, so I will also introduce them.

What is Freenom?

Freenom is a domain provider in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They are offer your free domain.

Freenom is the world's first and only free domain provider. Our mission is to bring people online and support the development of the digital economy of countries.

Source: Freenom – Anyone-friendly name

You do not need a payment method such as a credit card to register a free domain.

We handle not only free domains but .com also paid top-level domains such as. You can get your own domain for free with the following ccTLD.

  1. .tk  (Tokelau)
  2. .ml  (Mali)
  3. .ga   (Republic of Gabon)
  4. .cf   (Central Africa)
  5. .gq   (Equatorial Guinea)

However, not all strings are free, and words registered in the dictionary and domains with 1 to 3 characters cannot be obtained for free.

These unique domains can only be registered for a fee.

For example, all one-, two-, and three-letter domains are considered unique, just like keywords in standard dictionaries.

Source: Freenom – Free, paid domains.

Is the domain registered with Freenom valid all the time?

You can choose to register your domain between 1 and 12 months, and you will need to renew it when it expires.

Even if it is free, you should be able to use it if you keep updating. However:

In the case of a free domain, there is a risk that it will suddenly become unusable one day.

I used tiep.ga gets the domain for free and uses it almost daily for development purposes.

However, one day it suddenly became unusable.

It's unclear why it became unusable because the expiration date remained, and there was no email notification.

Perhaps because in this tiep.ga domain name was registered by another person, and it is currently unavailable even if you try registering a new one.

Related to this, Freenom's Frequently Asked Questions page states that "free domains do not give you legal registrant rights."

21. Can my domain be invalidated?

Yes. Having a free domain name does not give you legal registrant rights. You can use your chosen domain name for 1-12 months. If you do not renew your domain name within the deadline, your registration will be unregistered. You can renew your free domain for free during the last 15 days of each registration period. If your website has been down for a long time, is unacceptable, or has not been uploaded, the domain will be canceled.

Source: Freenom – Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some reasons why it suddenly became unusable one day.

  • tiep  Initially, I was able to register for free with the word
  • However, since it is a word that is also in the dictionary, it is no longer eligible for free.

In the case of a free domain, it seems better to use it as a test after understanding that there is a risk that it will suddenly become unusable.

Not only will you lose the users who come to your website if your domain becomes unusable, but your site's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) domain power will start over from scratch.

If you search Google for this "Frequently Asked Questions" page and open it directly, there is a link in "Support" in the menu, but you can't find the link in the menus on other pages of Freenom.

For this reason, the "Frequently Asked Questions" page may not be up to date.

How to register your own domain with Freenom

Search if the domain you want to register is free

First, check if the domain you want to register is available on the official website of Freenom.

On the Freenom top page, in "Find a new free domain," enter any characters you like and select "Check availability."

This time I checked if the domain "tiep" was free.

in conclusion

Freenom has risks because it is free, but I think it is a helpful service for applications where you want to use your own domain for testing and trials.

On the other hand, Freenom also has the risk that the free domain will suddenly become unusable.

To avoid losing users, it is safer to consider the following services that can acquire a domain at a low price if you use it for a long time. (Honestly, all of them are almost the same, but I am a value domain sect).

Question: there was no explicit mention that "your" free domain is not yours?

I have no idea what you are trying to say, but a domain name is never "yours". They are all licensed.

On the page I linked for you, which is available on their homepage menu and footer on every page, the chart explaining the difference between the free and paid domains contains at least three rows on point:

> Legal rights:

Free: Registrant acts as a user of the domain name, not as a licensee

> Transfer rights:

Free: None


Free: Freenom or one of its subsidiaries appears as the licensee in the WHOIS
Disclosures aside, it is immaterial to the more critical point, Freenom is not going into the user account and taking domain names (free or paid) and selling them to 3rd parties. The review complaining that this happened is fake, hence why they can't establish this happened. Freenom is a legit company with tangible assets. They are an ICANN licensee of its TLDs and authorized servicer of a few country TLDs. Suppose they stole someone's high traffic or high-value domain name and sold it to a 3rd party, as alleged in the fake review. In that case, the user could sue for damages and specific performance to get the domain back, just as if Godaddy, Namecheap, or any other registrar were to steal user domain names.

Make sure to renew your domain before 14 days of it expiring. That is to keep the free domain name still your. Because if you do not do it or do not remember, you will lose the domain name.

- Freenom TOS

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