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Apply to the Ad Network for Publisher

Do you want to earn money via the website banner ads? Just Don't worry. The world has many Ad networks that you can be working for to make some more 2 cents to 5 cents or up to 2 dollars a click on ads on your website.

It is not too late if you want to work as a publisher; The list below will give you the best view and choice when you sign up for the account to begin making money with your website and the Ad Network script code that generates the banner ads on your website.

Google Adsense: This is the most famous and popular to everyone who has a blog or website trying to put an ad on the website for the first time and start earning. And it is the easiest way for you to sign up. The best part is that most websites in the world use AdSense.

Requirement of the Google AdSense: 
you must have a website, a personal domain name, and unique quality content.

Media.net: it is likely the Google AdSense, but the Media.net Ad Network only accepts websites that use English as the main content and has mostly traffic from the United States or the United Kingdom.

Requirement of the Media.net:
same as the Google AdSense requirement, plus more than the content must be English. The minimum requirement for an account with Media.net is 10,000 page views per month. However, they also mention that they accept sites with lower page views. So it’s worth a shot even if your site doesn’t meet the requirement of 10,000 page views per month.

Mgid.com: Good as Google Adsense, they accept every website language that only suits their requirement for the unique daily and unique months visitor.

Requirement of Mgid.com:
MGID requires a minimum of 3,000 unique daily visitors and 90,000 unique monthly website visitors. Your website must also be approved before setup. MGID guarantees a 24-hour approval turnaround. They also do not work with adult content, websites with illegal file downloads, or websites with bot traffic.

Taboola: Ths Ad Network only accepts large websites. At this time Taboola is only working with large publishers having more than 500,000 Pageviews/Month, which means the small publisher can not join them; you can contact them to know more about the approval and signup process through the contact form at their website.

Taboola only approves content-based sites. Other types of places can not join this network.

Requirement of Taboola:
  • Publisher Terms: None.
  • Traffic Minimum: 500,000 monthly page views.
  • Publisher Language Requirement: None.
  • Prohibited Publisher Content: None.

Mediavine: Representing your ad inventory to make the most money, while offering you the support, technology and resources to optimize your content (and with it, your ad inventory).

Requirement of Mediavine:
  • use your PLAIN URL.
  • Mediavine requires at least 50,000 sessions / month.

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